The Tea Factory update

The steelwork for the distinctive box structure that will jut-out from the Tea Factory building at Brockley Cross is now complete.

Despite some concerns that the structure would loom over the pavement and make the already-cramped walkway feel more claustrophobic, the overhang is actually relatively modest and shouldn't be too imposing.

The Tea Factory website is now up-and-running and promises that work will be completed by Spring 2008.

Lewisham Council have confirmed that a gallery will be created as part of the development. While they have not yet determined who will run the gallery, it is most likely that a partner will be sought from the local community, through the "Creative Lewisham" agency.


leenewham said...

It's a decent, not incredible, adaptation of a boring building in Brockley. How it services the community, the art gallery etc and how we as resident use it will be the long term test.

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