New development planned for Mantle Road

The Bridge House at Number 4 Mantle Road is the subject of a planning application that would create 34 new apartments at Brockley Cross.

Brockley Cross Action Group news reports that:

"The scheme for London and Quadrant Housing Group and designed by architects, MDR Associates consists of commercial premises to the ground floor with 34 apartments, consisting of, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms to the upper floors within a 5 storey building. The scheme has evolved through consultations with the London Borough of Lewisham over a two year period and has now reached the stage of a planning application. the current programme is for a start on site around the end of this year with a completion in 2009."

The development would neighbour the Tea Factory and this building, which despite our early optimism, currently looks like a badly assembled Airfix model of a battleship.

Lewisham Council have confirmed that Bridge House represents one of the largest development opportunities in the area (there are 14 key sites in Brockley, but they are mostly small-scale). The scale of the development means that the developers will have to commit to include affordable housing, while the Brockley Cross Action Group are hoping that a condition for planning approval will be a contribution towards the Brockley Common project, as part of a Section 106 agreement.

A contribution could make good make business sense too, as the Brockley Common project will hugely enhance Brockley Cross and could add value to the planned apartments.