Brockley tennis update

Between the posts on the site and emails we received in response to this article about tennis in Brockley, we now have enough players to form a doubles match. We're going to start a circular email to try and co-ordinate a few games.

If you'd like to be on that email, please post your details or email us directly, to let us know. Wimbledon is nearly upon us...


Anonymous said...

my email is


Anonymous said...

hi! i'd also like to team up with anyone interested in creating doubles game.
my email:


John S said...

I'd be interested, though I'm not club standard or anything.

Brockley Nick said...

Great, I think we now have enough people to constitute a proper group. Shame we still don't have the weather for tennis. I will send out an email shortly and we can take it from there.

Anyone else who wants to sign up, please do.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd love to play some tennis, singles or doubles. My email is

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