Brockley Celebdaq

A glance down the list of famous people from Brockley on Wikipedia tells a story of faded glories.

Kate Bush, Lilly Langtry, Emily Davidson and Shaun Wright-Phillips have all been resident in Brockley in the past. Today's collection is a pale imitation. Yes, we know about David Haig (actor) and Nick Nicely (musician), but for a long time we have hankered for a real celeb - you know, someone who's been on a reality tv show.

Meanwhile, those lucky so-and-so's in Forest Hill, mock us from upon high by rubbing our noses in Linda Barker.

So imagine our delight on discovering a bona fide A-lister in our midst - Richard Newman, the self-styled 'sexual terrorist' from Big Brother 7.

The outspoken Gaydar DJ chose no-lesser platform than the Bexley Times to declare that this year's housemates are nowhere near as fascinating as he was:

"No one in there makes me laugh... I just think - did you not watch previous series? It's not grabbing me."

This find prompts us to ask whether there are any other members of the glitterati lurking locally. We're pretty sure we once saw a former school mate recently at Brockley Station, who became famous as the 'Dancing Geek at the Bar' from the Lynx ads a few years ago. So that's a possible two.

We need to expand the celebrity gene pool, otherwise it would make a Brockley Central 'Wicked Whispers' column rather easy to decipher.

Do you know any other locals with a claim to fame? Please share.