The Brockley booby prize for customer service goes to...


Brazil's most famous department store is Daslu, which offers an extravagantly luxurious shopping experience, including women-only sections, in which customers are free to wander the aisles in their underwear, to avoid the inconvenience of changing rooms.

At the other end of the spectrum is Duke, the Brockley Cross store which redefines the word 'convenience'.

On the outside it looks like an office stationary shop but on the inside... well, it's impossible to get inside.

Duke is the survivalist's dream store, pegging customers behind an impenetrable metal grille and hoarding chocolate and cuppa soups beyond their reach - if the zombie apocalypse strikes Brockley, you know where to go (although of course, the guy in Duke wouldn't let you in).

Obviously, we appreciate that it's a late-night-only shop, which caters for a pre- and post-munchies crowd, but other late night shops somehow manage to survive without barring their customers from seeing half the things they have to sell. Pull back the bars Duke - let the love in.

Franks may as well be a hole in the wall