Brockley Central: LIVE

According to Google, there are 200 of you who have visited the site 1o times or more in the last week - a population that can't consist entirely of angry Plumsteaders, eager White Stripes fans and Brockley Central's family. In fact, we're pretty sure our family hears quite enough from us already and doesn't feel the need to bother with a website.

So that means it might be the right time to organise a Brockley Central get-together for a few regular readers, which was originally suggested, here

But, just to be doubly-sure, we have already roped-in four of Brockley Central's most prolific contributors, who've all promised to come along.

We've chosen a date of July 19th but there's no particular plan for the evening, other than to put some names to faces and have a drink and a chat. We will probably try and discuss the future of the site for at least five minutes.

This might be laughably optimistic, but, on the offchance that we get too many responses, we might have to limit numbers to the first people to reply.

If you'd be interested in coming along, please email us at the address on the side. We'll decide on a venue later on.