Brown era could herald go-ahead for Thameslink

Gordon Brown's accession is strongly rumoured to mean that the long-awaited Thameslink project could finally be given the funding it needs for work to begin.

With London's over-worked transport infrastructure now threatening to limit economic growth in the city, it is believed that both Crossrail and Thameslink could get the go-ahead as part of a raft of "good news" announcements at the start of his premiership.

While most attention has been focused on the Crossrail project, Thameslink is arguably just as important and will lead to major benefits for Brockley commuters.

At a comparatively modest cost of £3 billion, the Thameslink extension would involve upgrading the current Thameslink route, reducing the bottlenecks that restrict the number of trains that can travel along the south-north route through London Bridge and Kings Cross.

For Brockley residents, this means that the crumbling London Bridge station would be rebuilt (see the image above) providing better facilities and pedestrian access. More importantly, 3 more platforms would be converted to allow a dramatic increase in "through" services to the north and a reduction in those infuriating occasions when trains hang around outside London Bridge during rush hour for no apparent reason. A new bus station will also replace the grotty overhang that currently serves as an interchange.

Planning permission was granted last year. The scheme was originally known as Thameslink 2000 - the year originally envisaged for completion.


leenewham said...

Fingers crossed! I'm all for it.

Ben said...

This will however lead to the distruction of listed parts of Borough Market, top of Wheatsheaf pub, some of park street (as used in many films and even Fergie's video!)..

leenewham said...

HOw do you now that, is it one a website somewhere?

Brockley Nick said...

The need to demolish parts of Borough Market was one of the key reasons for Thameslink being subject to a second, lengthy review. However, it was given approval last year, after these arguments were carefully considered and some changes were made to the project.

I used to live in Borough and love the market, both as a place to shop and for its distinctive architectural character.

However, I have no concerns for the future of the market itself, which in the last few years has massively outgrown Borough Market, spilling out in to the streets around Southwark Cathedral, in spite of the fact that engineering work has been taking place there for some time. As for the buildings, I hope the impact will be less than feared by some - I think it will still be a very special part of London. But Thameslink is essential and must go ahead.

Kate said...

link to the Save Borough Market campaign ...

I'm ambivalent. It's one of those areas that any messing with could easily ruin, but on the other hand London Bridge is intolerably congested at the moment and desperately needs to do something to sort out the mandatory 5 to 10 minute wait for a platform.

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