Farmers Markets

There are two local Farmers Markets (Hilly Fields and Telegraph Hill) and Brockley Central has been waiting until it had the chance to visit both before writing about them.

As it turns out, we needn't have bothered, since they are, essentially, the same thing on different weekends.

Hilly Fields farmers market takes place on the second Saturday of every month, while Telegraph Hill is every third Saturday. The stalls are run by the same people with the only noticeable difference being that Telegraph Hill boasts a pie stall and Hilly Fields sometimes features a Moroccan stall. Telegraph Hill seems to be slightly better attended and also has a number of other stalls bolted on, including second-hand books.

So, what can you buy there? The range is fairly limited, dominated by cheese, bread, juices, pastries, coffee and vegetables. The quality is good but, like most London farmers markets, it can be pricey. The Polish Rye bread, for example, is delicious (there can never be enough rye bread in the world, as far as we're concerned) but costs about £2.50.

In total, there are only about 10 food stalls and there is plenty of room for growth at the Hilly Fields site in particular, although numbers of customers are still fairly low.

Borough Market is, of course, easily accessible from Brockley and is on a completely different scale but the local options are worth exploring if you haven't already.


Ploomie said...

I'd love ot go to a farmers market, or to have a permanent market in a shop in Brockley where people can sell their products day in day out.

Anonymous said...

Great to read about these markets - I used to work days they were on and haven't made it there yet.
Nive to hear about the rye bread too - am another fan of the rye. Isn't it hard to get good bread in Brockley? There isn't really a good bakery - that i've found anyway - in the area. Am now experimenting with baking my own...


Anonymous said...

The Broca Food Market does really great bread, and food in general. Great avocados!

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