Brockley Central Presents at The Ladywell Tavern, June 4th 2009

As part of this year's Brockley MAX festival, Brockley Central is organising a night of live music at The Ladywell Tavern on Thursday, June 4th.

The full details will be coming soon, but Brockley Jon has managed to line up some great acts, some local, some not-so-local but all with a bluesy influence.

We're hoping that as many of you as possible will make it along, so we wanted to give you plenty of advanced notice. Think of it as a Brockley Central Drinks night... to the MAX!


osh said...

Woo-hoo! I'll come along.

Anonymous said...

great - good venue - good pub - no side wall to complain about!

tyrwhitt ali said...

Ohhh count me in!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RosieH said...

Excellent news. Good choice of venue.

Ladywell Tavern will soon be my new local, so it will be a great excuse to head down there (as if one's needed)

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know which bands are playing ??

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