Brockley magic wears off for embattled PM

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When even a visit to Brockley cannot revive your political fortunes, you know the game is up.

Last summer, faced with a growing economic crisis, reeling from disastrous political misjudgements and fighting to contain growing revolt in the Labour Party, Gordon Brown came to Brockley to begin his fight back.

And since that worked so well, the Prime Minister tried the same trick again today, visiting Prendergast School to launch a new education policy, aimed at giving parents greater control over the future of their children's schools.

The decision to visit a school in Lewisham, only a few hundred metres from where parents have been staging a high-profile protest against the closure of Lewisham Bridge School provided further evidence that the Party machine is not what it was.

The Standard reports:

One protester leapt in front of the Prime Minister's motorcade and had to be bundled out of the way by police as Mr Brown's car sped past.

A group of about 15 parents brandishing placards and shouting gathered outside Prendergast School in Lewisham to greet the Prime Minister.

They are unhappy at plans for a merger with Lewisham Bridge Primary School to create a new institution for 835 children aged from three to 16.

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