The Talbot: Sold

The freehold on the Talbot pub on Tyrwhitt Road has been sold by Punch Taverns.

We don't know at this stage who the buyer is, but we know that it isn't the Honor Oak team that had such exciting plans for its future.

We're guardedly optimistic about this development (as we have been about nearly every twist in the Talbot's tale).

Until now - the biggest threat to the prospect of The Talbot being reborn seemed to be the idea that Punch would price potential buyers out of the market long enough that they could sell it on to property developers as the housing market recovered, winning planning permission for its conversion on the basis that it was no longer viable as a pub.

That this deal has gone through fairly quickly suggests that scenario won't play out and that the buyer has money to invest, to realise whatever plans they have for it.

We hope to find out more soon.