Expenses scandal: How did our MP perform?

Brockley's local MP Joan Ruddock claimed £131,237 in expenses in 2007/08, according to this Google spreadsheet.

Ms Ruddock, the MP for Lewisham & Deptford, is 523rd out of 645 MPs listed - not too bad. Specifically, she did not claim any expenses for her family or spouse, and she didn't claim the second homes allowance (all of which is understandable as she lives in London).

Her main expenditure was on staffing (£89,000) and office costs (£23,000), plus £6,000 on stationery and postage and £1,100 on IT.

She used £8,900 of the communications allowance, and claimed £471 in travel costs (consisting of £71 in Europe and £400 mileage) and a £2,800 London living supplement.

Perhaps most pertinently, how did she compare to other London-based MPs? BC counts over 20 MPs in the greater London area who are below Ms Ruddock in the list, and around 15 above her. So she's about average, we'd say.

(If anyone from the Telegraph happens to be reading this and fancies giving us a preview of Ms Ruddock's claims in detail, do drop us an email ...)