Brockley MAX opening night tonight

The Brockley MAX festival starts tonight, with an open air concert on Foxberry Road, opposite the Brockley Barge. The eclectic line-up sets the tone for what will be the most ambitious MAX ever and Brockley Central grabbed a few minutes with the event's organiser Richard Swan, to find out more:

"Opening Night will be really exciting this year, there's a real buzz about the festival and we have a wealth of talent playing from 4pm until about 10.30pm - the weather will be perfect for it. This year, we made a conscious effort to showcase Brockley artists and we even turned down acts from other parts of the capital. The line-up is 100% local.

"However many leaflets get handed out, there are always plenty of people who aren't aware of what's going on, so staging the event near the station is a great way of signalling the start of the MAX. It surprises a lot of commuters and we often find that they watch for a little bit as they get off the train, then come back later on. That usually makes peak time around 9pm, but I've designed the programme so that there are great acts throughout the night.

"For Brockley MAX regulars, there will be some familiar faces, like the Rock Choir (and plenty of other
Felix School of Rock graduates), but there are lots of MAX debuts as well, including the Fruitful Earth, This is Us and the Brockley Ukulele Group.

"I hope everyone reading Brockley Central today gets themselves down here."

- Check out the full Brockley MAX programme here and of course, get yourselves down to the Ladywell Tavern for the Brockley Central music night on Thursday, June 4th.