Brockley selected for Mayoral tree funding

Deptford blogger Caroline points out that New Cross, Deptford and Brockley are among the 40 London neighbourhoods prioritised in the Mayor's plan to add 10,000 trees to London's streets.

The release explains:

The Mayor also wants to encourage the 500,000 people living in these priority areas who would like trees outside their house, to register their interest online at This information will then be passed on to borough councils who, as a requirement for street tree funding applications, will be asked where practicable to plant their allocation of trees in areas where residents most want them. It is expected that 100-400 street trees will be planted in chosen locations across every priority area, so by registering online, residents will increase the chances of their streets getting some welcome greenery.

As this map shows, streets in north and west Brockley are eligible.

There is no news on when the Mayor' special fund for digicams will open.


Tressillian James said...

Good chance for some local community action on the westside to ensure they get trees.

The Cat Man said...

I have already posted my support. I was thinking of getting some leaflets/posters made to post around the westside streets.

Our streets already have a fair few trees, but our councillors are not good at campaigning for replacement ones to fill in the gaps.

Tamsin said...

And also some community action in these and other areas to strengthen the Council's hand against insurers who insist that existing trees be felled.
We have a case in point with one - or it may even be two trees in Jerningham Road. A stay of execution at present while the arboricultural officer looks into replying to my e-mail, but not promising.

Headhunter said...

I've been chasing for months dnow for a replacement tree outside 60 somethnig Manor Ave. the council chopped down the last one and tarmacked the spot and I was told they would replace it in early 09.... But I'm still waiting. I've contacted Darren Johnson several times but he doesn't seem to be able to get any answer from the council.

Anonymous said...

A tree may have been replaced but not in the same spot, but in the local area.

There doesn't seem to be a way to check if a tree has been 'replaced'.

Headhunter said...

Well that's no good to me. I want one on Manor Ave! I WANT MY TREE!

Anonymous said...

Headhunter, how about that very mature tree outside the former United Services Club? The council is actually considering ripping it out - why? To make way for a new nursery!

Headhunter said...

Yes, I heard that. I don't know why they can't just prune it a bit. Anyway, it's not on public land is it? So how does the council have the right to chop it down?

Anonymous said...

The planning application for change of use also calls for a buggy/wheelchair ramp. In order to get the right angle the cherry tree would have to come out. This is what the committee is now deciding.

Brockley Nick said...

Although I think extra money for trees is great I'm sceptical about the whole idea of residents nominating the exact spot where a tree should go.

Ultimately, the responsibility for planting the trees is the responsibility for the Local Council, which has to identify suitable spots. We know from our own "nominate the spots for trees" exercises with Council Officers that it's all very well suggesting a spot, but often those places are not practical.

I think the registration element was designed as a PR stunt to get people talking and sharing the link to engage them in the exercise (as we are doing now). Anything that gets people engaged in local issues is to be welcomed I suppose...

The Cat Man said...

that is a very pessimistic viewpoint - these things should be encouraged not ignored/poo'ed upon.

Brockley Nick said...

What are you on about?

Anonymous said...

Has someone been at the catnip?

Headhunter said...

It's all about par for the course for Bozo though, he doesn't really seem to have many coherent "joined up" policies, they're mostly reactionary, populist in nature.

Look at his decision to blow millions on a new Routemaster. It doesn't seem to matter to him that it will add tonnes of CO2 to London's atmosphere or that the open backed design causes problems for cyclists (which he also claims to support) when passengers jump off at random points in front of them as they filter through stationary traffic. Also, he has binned the western extension of the CC area, again at the behest of the noisy minority rather than following practical consideration of the consequences for London in terms of pollution and congestion.

Did anyone see that doc on (I think) BBC4, they interviewed a councillor from somewhere who described Bozo as like a child skipping through a forest, plucking random pretty flowers as he goes rather than taking good look at what needs doing.

Get your trees said...

Taken from the Mayor's Street Trees site

The Benefits of Street sectionOver recent years there has been a decline in street trees, but the Mayor is determined to reverse this trend.

The particular benefits that street trees provide include:

* helping to make streets cooler in summer

*improved quality of life for people living and working in London through promoting a sense of well-being and promoting health

*increased privacy in residential roads and gardens

*historical importance – many of London’s street trees date back to Victorian times

*providing green links between parks and open spaces

*helping to improve air quality and reducing pollution

* absorbing some traffic noise

* increased local property values through making streets more attractive - properties are often promoted as being in "tree-lined streets".

Tamsin said...

Latest on the Jerningham Road trees I posted about earlier - it is "only" one not two. Due to be felled this Friday. They do, though, say that they will replace it with another London Plane.

Oli Freke said...

If only Network Rail had the same attitude to trees and their benefits to people's quality of life:

(You might remember us Brockleyites who were angered by Network Rail cutting down all the trees behind our houses along St Asaph/Aspinall a few weeks ago.

We're still at it and now have cross-party support in a Lewisham Council motion and that of Joan Ruddock who gave some NR reps a splendid ticking off in a meeting we had.)

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