London's Olympic legacy

Yesterday, we recorded a podcast with Sara Parker from the CBI, in which we opined about stuff about which we know little, hectored our audience about Brockley and reclaimed the Olympic torch for SE4. So a radical departure from our usual agenda.

Here it is: The Olympic legacy – what does it mean for business?


Faux Berry said...

Nick is Nick needs a proofreader...

"Nick is Nick runs one of London’s leading blogs"

Anonymous said...

Nick is Nick on here to up his kudos on there

Anonymous said...

Nick is Nick and Nick, as conveyed by the royal 'we'

kolp said...

The Olympic legacy?
Loads of unsold pin badges & assorted memorabillia it appears...,default,sc.html

1 for a fiver or 3 for 10 quid!

Wendy said...

Very good! That's not how I imagined you talking

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