After Lewisham made the Olympic Opening Ceremony so special, our talents were called upon again for the Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

Dani sent us this and says:

"Shout going out!! Here's a photo backstage after members of the Lewisham Choral Society performed at last night's Opening Ceremony."

Happily, no-one from Lewisham has yet claimed any connection with the Olympic Closing Ceremony.


Unknown said...

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Tamsin said...

Good, isn't it. The Vice-Chair of Lewisham Pensioners Forum sings with them and I spotted her in the TV coverage - sitting down because of an imminent hip operation but out there through all the rehearsals and singing.

Slight divergance but still on the Olympic theme... Does anyone share my hope that the BBC will make use of all the footage they now have of minority interest sports like fencing and table tennis to put together reasonably priced DVDs (not necessarily with commentary) for afficionados, coaches and clubs? All that is promised so far is a glorified round-up of everything costing twenty quid -
I've written to BBC Sports and LOCOG suggesting that reasonably priced DVDs (i.e. a fiver or less) would be a good way to "inspire a generation" - but no reply and it would probably help if others did so too.

kolp said...

I have to say I am loving the Paralympics, to see Lu Dong of China, cut through the water like a knife through butter, as she powered her way to her gold medal this lady has no arms. We called her the human eel.

I attended sitting volleyball last night at Excel, saw the "AirLine" on the way. Looks decidedly unsafe. But sitting volleyball was excellent, the atmosphere great, quite camp with the MC? asking people to partake in a dance routine called the Macarena.

I am also enjoying learning about the classification system the LEXI system, how different disabilities are weighted so the athletes can compete fairly against each other.

Amazing stuff. (I would have preferred BBC TV coverage but C4 are doing a good job within the commerical constraints).

Anonymous said...

Tamsin - I wouldn't hold out much hope I'm afraid. Just try and find DVDs of any sports for afficionados - it's a nightmare. I'm a fan of both athletics and boxing (both pretty mainstream) and still have to use obscure websites where a bloke will burn you a copy on his computer to get hold of them!

Anonymous said...

Paras great, opening ceremony of both - fab, closing ceremony (1 sofar obviously) - dire ageing rockers, ghastly, awful reminder that Britain is a moribund economy.

Tamsin said...

@ Anon 13.57 Never say die! They might not have done it before because of the cost of getting the material to use. But they've now got an incredible amount of excellent footage in the can (to be totally anachronistic in my terminology). All they need to do is stitch it together - with or without additional commentary. (I gather quite a lot of the web coverage was without commentary because they had more OB teams than commentators, but that does not matter. In fact arguably better for club and teaching purposes as the audience can discuss while watching without missing anything.)

Please write in too - and get others to do so - and we can make them see sense and think a little bit imaginatively. The addresses I used are:

BBC Audience Services PO Box 1922 Darlington DL3 0UR and

Head Office
London 2012
One Churchill Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 5LN

Points to make are
* it's a wonderful opportunity as they've already taken the pictures
* no need for much extra work editing or voice-over
* to be inclusive they must keep the cost down - would also encourage people to buy more
* if the licensing arrangements mean that this cannot be done those agreements should be re-written if "inspiring a generation" is anything other than an empty slogon.

Brockley Nick said...

I doubt the BBC have the rights to issue DVDs anyway. The IOC will own all the rights and will have its own licensing deals. You need to target them if you're going to bother at all.

Probably better off hassling them on Twitter than letter writing - easier and more likely to get others joining in.

Tamsin said...

Indeed - hence my writing to LOCOG too. But you are right, I should probably up it a ratchet and contact the IOC.

Letters are quite good as they hang around in physical space and someone either has to make the executive decision to throw it away without answering or pass it on to someone else. Not so easy to delete or just leave in an in-box as an e-mail.

Also shows a degree of effort on the part of a letter writer. (Why Kentwell only recruit through the post - they want people at least committed enough to buy stamps and make two trips to a letter box.)

However, if anyone else on this thread who knows the system can take up a twitter campaign that would be great. And I might also act on the principles I've outlined above and learn how to do so - far more effort than writing letters!

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