The South East London Olympics [UPDATED]

BC must have watched the London 2012 Opening Ceremony five times now. Partly because we had to re-watch it after first seeing it on the big screen in Greenwich, which had speakers so small it would have embarrassed a teenager's bedroom. Partly because it was the most joyous thing we've ever seen. As Ai Weiwei wrote, it was the personal details that made it work so well:

In London [compared with Beijing] there were more close-ups – it didn't show the big formations. It had the human touch. In Zhang Yimou's opening ceremony there was almost none of that. You could not push into a person's face and see the human experience. What I liked most with this was that it always came back to very personal details. And that's what makes it a nation you can trust; you see the values there. Anyone who watched it would have a clear understanding of what England is.

Jostling with the Queen and Mr Bean for "the most face time in an Olympic ceremony" gold medal was Jasmine Breinberg, the lead performer in the musical journey sequence, who, as well as being a Brit School student, is a Crossfields resident.  The Crossfields Estate blog says:

Like all the other performers, Jazz was sworn to secrecy and wouldn't talk about her role before the show. On Wednesday, her mum said, "She is SO underplaying it, says it's no big deal! Two billion watching on telly, 60,000 in the stadium and a feature in an hour long section! She's excited though and having fun."

Together with Humphrey Keeper, the choir boy soloist from Forest Hill, and Doreen Lawrence, who carried the Olympic flag, South East London faces represented Britain to the world.

UPDATE: Here's a video diary by a Brockley nurse who danced in the Opening Ceremony: