Ladywell to London Bridge commuter rides

British Cycling, in partnership with Sky and Lewisham Council, are supporting two Commuter Rides.

Taking place at 10am on Saturday 8 September and Saturday 29 September, these free organised rides will cycle a typical commuter route into the heart of the city from Ladywell Station to London Bridge.

The rides will be led by trained British Cycling Ride Leaders, who will give tips and advice on how to ride in busy traffic and also explain how to plan an effective commuter route.

The aim of the rides is to give anyone thinking of commuting the chance to cycle a commuter route and build their confidence before cycling to work themselves. The ride is also an opportunity to meet other like-minded people who live near you and possibly find a bike buddy to commute with. Register for the rides:

Saturday 8 September
Saturday 29 September


Hardlianotion said...

But I don't work on a Saturday.

Duh! said...

No, it's a trial for people who are nervous about cycling to work. It's done on a Saturday so that people do not need to be anywhere at a particular time. Don't worry, most people understand.

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Anonymous said...

Good idea but I wonder how much publicity these rides got - or whether they will be repeated again

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