Peckham Rye Victorian Waiting Room open today

IanVisits reports:

There is a hidden marvel at Peckham Rye train station, and it is open to the public on Saturday – the former waiting room. However, this is no mere station waiting room of the sort we might see today, but a vast space with stunning roof.

Bricked up and forgotten for 40 years, it is now being slowly restored as a future cultural space and has been opened for a few days to show off the plans, and the untouched roof.

The Old Waiting Room is now open and closes at 3pm. Entrance is free.

With thanks to St Asaph Roadie.


Anonymous said...

Love it.

One of the Penges - forget if it is east or west, has a ladies waiting room on the way to the toilets which is now just a giant hallway. It's been stripped and painted in that wipe-clean glossy paint the colour of slow death, but with a bit of imagination you can picture the fire blazing.

Tamsin said...

Rats, missed this - alas otherwise committed. Hope they open it again. Anyone know if it is in this year's Open House?

headhunter said...

Love things like this... It looks like they're restoring the old ticket hall and waiting rooms at crystal palace station too.I hope they reinstate the old entrance rather than send you up and down the randomsteps and through the nasty 1980s side entrance they use at the moment

Anonymous said...

this is a restaurant/bar waiting to happen, not very original but would be fab nonetheless....

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