Brockley Grove mural

We're grateful to Transpontine for letting us reproduce one of his photos of an excellent mural in Brockley Grove. He says:

This mural is outside Crofton Park Baptist Church in Brockley Grove SE4. I am guessing that it was painted as part of the commemorations for the 200th anniversary of the Slave Trade Act in 2007, as it is themed around slavery.

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kolp said...

Well it's an attractive piece of artwork. Cartoonist. Almost seems to render slavery as an unfortunate and slightly unpleasant jape. Rather than the categoric subjudjaction of race of people for 3 centuries. But whatevs!

kolp said...


*categoric economic subjugation

Tamsin said...

I think "subjudjaction" is a fine word - let's find a meaning for it...

An act of subjugation? (A bit boring... Challenge out there to come up with better ones.)

Anonymous said...

I propose this meaning for this word mistyped by our butterfingered contributor:

subjudjaction - the action of judging something to be sub standard.

It kind of reflects the tone of the posters depressing comments.

William Brakespear said...

Subjugation + redaction = subjujaction or the act of redacting a previously mispelt assertion of subjugation.

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