The Cranbrook

The Cranbrook
65 Cranbrook Road

Please post your reviews of this St Johns pub here.

Read the News Shopper's purple prose-laden review here.


John said...

I always think it's difficult to review a pub whereas reviewing a restaurant is quite easy because it largely comes down to quality of food and table service along with value for money.With a pub it largely comes down to the people who drink in there and, on the whole, these won't be the overwhelming majority of Brockley Central readers because it doesn't meet their expectations of a pub and will therefore not give it good reviews.

The Cranbrook serves beer at a very reasonable price and you never have to wait long at the bar. To many people this is therefore a perfect pub.

Anonymous said...

@Pete: Fantastic! You go there and we'll go the Gantry ... sorted, everyone happy :-)

Anonymous said...

I used to live on Cranbrook road. Went to both the Cranbrook and the Crown and Sceptre which is now apartments. They closed the wrong pub, in my opinion.

Pretty nasty. Wouldn't go there.

Anonymous said...

So jobs theory is that people like pubs that are the kind of pubs that they like to visit. Great, thanks for the heads up.

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