Brockley in Bloomberg

Heather writes:

I went to the opening of an art exhibition at Bloomberg SPACE (50 Finsbury Square) and they were featuring work about Brockley by Brockley based artist Richard Parry. The paintings were amazing - huge eye catching yellow and black paintings. Here's what the organisers say:

Bloomberg SPACE is proud to present five landscape paintings by Richard Parry. The exhibition is on view from August 17th -September 16th 2012. Gallery hours are Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

Incorporating content generated by baby elephants from Kenya, these new works represent radical suburban imagery in line with an expanded to exhibition-making processes. The Elephant Paintings boldly examine outsourced modes of cultural production in addition to Parry´s own personal artistic motives and desires;

Richard Parry: "Sometimes in life you adopt 4 baby elephants from Nairobi to outsource a Bloomberg painting commission to and concentrate on buying a flat in the emerging London suburb of Brockley. I have done both these things and now share the experience in an exhibition called Elephant Paintings." 

Browns of Brockley and a few local residents make it in to the artworks.