Dragon Ballz

Big Earl: Alright guys, I'm not gonna lie to you. This is gonna get weird... Two dragons.

- Starsky & Hutch
Bloody hell, now they're having a go at the dragon fanciers. Is no Telegraph Hill community safe from criticism?

With thanks to Julie.


Tamsin said...

Shameless plug, since I am running the event, but if you want to support dragons come to this:
We're planning to give you the rather Tolkein-esque experience of dragons, roads and journeyings but would like to take requests (not necessarily limited to these themes). Send in what you would like to hear - or if it is only half remembered, give us some pointers and we'll try to track it down for you. tamsin_bacchus@hotmail.com
Possibly a bit late to ask for a piece - but maybe not.  Very much something that we "wing" on the evening.
This is basically "Poetry Please" with a bar.  All welcome.  Tickets on-line or on the door. 

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