The Brockley Brewing Company Launch Night

The Brockley Brewing Company - Brockley's first microbrewery - has its launch party this Friday at The Talbot on Tyrwhitt Road, from 7pm.

They've also announced the list of pubs that will stock their beers:

  • The Talbot, Tyrwhitt Road, SE4 1QG - Pale & Golden Ale 
  • The Orchard, Harefield Road SE4 1LW - Pale Ale 
  • The Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell Road SE13 7HS - Golden Ale 
  • The Ravensbourne, Lewisham SE13 6NR - Pale & Golden Ale 
  • The Blythe Hill Tavern, Stanstead Rd, SE23 1JB - Pale Ale 
  • The Catford Bridge Tavern, SE6 4RE Pale & Golden Ale 
  • The Hare & Billet, Blackheath, SE3 0QJ - Pale & Golden Ale 
  • The Station, Hither Green, SE13 5NB - Pale & Golden Ale 
  • The Lord Northbrook, Lee, SE12 8PU - Golden Ale 
  • The East Dulwich Tavern, SE22 8EW - Pale & Golden Ale 
  • Franklins, East Dulwich, SE22 8HX - Pale & Golden Ale 
  • The Grape & Grain Crystal Palace, SE19 2AA Pale & Golden Ale 


Mike Hills said...

Excellent - can't wait to try their beers!

Robert said...

Well. I'll see you all at the Talbot on Friday then! Looking forward to sampling the taste of Brockley.

Slurp said...

Brill! looks like I'm off to the Orchard very soon to try a pint!

Quick & ANon said...

Nobody SE14?! :-O

Charles Breakspear said...


mac said...

yay will have to try at station or northbrook - suddenly theres decent pubs in lee :)

Mickeymouse said...

None in Greenwich??

CK. said...

Great news, Support our local brewery is a MUST!

Fay @ said...

will definately be there on friday!

andy said...

Hello Anon, we're very keen to supply to pubs/bars in SE14 and it's not
for the want of trying that we haven't got into any! A good number are linked
to pub chains so they're unable to take directly from us and we have to go through their central purchasing route which takes a bit longer to get sorted. But please feel free to lobby for our beer! Did you have anywhere particular in mind? Andy

Rosemary Hattersley said...

The Ravensbourne FB page announces that Brockley Brewery beers are now in stock too

Chatoxman said...

can i ask what hops are being used for the pale..? I'm in Dartford and the Kent Brewery is making a stunning Kent Pale with Cascade and Centennial from the US..

NAT said...

Can Authentically Authentifcate Hic the excellence of both golden and pale with slight prefernce for the honesty of the pale, kind of good to be at the start of something as well. It felt historic at the Talbot tonight in some sort of minor beer key.
Nice one Brockley Brewery; May yourbeert roll out, proof us against late winters and hopefully refresh our summers.

Alex Margolies said...

Hi Andy,
I work for a charity that is in the process of finishing off what will be a new cafe/bakery in New Cross (178 New Cross Road) and we will be looking to stock some alcohol in the future. We would be very interested in stocking some Brockley Brewey beers...
Many thanks,

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