The ELL: Buttoned-Up

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, Penguin has released a collection of novels, each one inspired by one of the 12 tube lines, of which the East London Line is of course one, as this literary treasure now confirms beyond doubt.

The East London Line-inspired novel is Buttoned-Up, an examination of style (natch), of which Penguin says:

London is a centre of cutting-edge fashion - in Buttoned-Up, the creators of 'the best fashion mag out there', Fantastic Man, tell the story of London style through the history of the button-down shirt. 

Encompassing music, street style, fashion, portraits, day and night locations, the visual context of east London where clothes factories and workshops used to be, night shots where bars and clubs used to be (or still are), an examination of collar shapes and archive images from fashion and music.