The Gantry (and the Orchard) in PR Week

Homer: Yes son, I'm the best mono-thingy guy there ever was.
- Marge vs the Monorail

Recently, Brockley Central did what we never normally get to do in the course of our day-job and took a journalist to lunch. The man from PR Week was very nice and wanted to know about Edelman and what we were up to. Somehow, by the end of the lunch, we had managed to give him no stories about Edelman, but persuaded him to let us plug The Gantry in their back page restaurant review. This was on the somewhat flimsy premise that, despite the fact that there are no PR agencies, or even clients, in Brockley, a large and growing chunk of the  area's population seems to work in the sector (as foretold in BCs passim).

And because we're the best PR-thingy guy there ever was, we managed to sneak a quick plug in for The Orchard too.


Jwhpage said...

Nice one. 

CK said...

Good work.

SJ said...

Well done Nick! Another great plug for the area :0)

Pippdypop said...

I like the gantry too, media love-ups less.

Daniel Woods said...

i'm keeping track of all these free dinners bc nick is totting up

Mr Positive said...

This comment is a genuine positive review of your positive review of your positive review. For the record is it also a positive review of the initial positive, not just the subsequent positive review of the first positive review.

Its positives all round.

Bigfried said...

yes I've always though what Brockley really needs is more PR to persuade more PR people in. Then it will be a better place because there are more people like us here. Makes so much sense you don't even need to think about it.

Quaffing for Brockley said...

Media love-in?  Sounds like PR to me.

I once met a PR professional who was quite scathing in her assessment of the shortcomings of the journalists she had to deal with.   Lazy, always after freebies, rehashing done by others as their own.  Often bad tempered, alcoholic and mean spirited.  She conceded that a few were dedicated and talented, sadly not the ones she had to work with.  I am sure journalists also have some choice things to say about PR folk.

Resentments simmer discretely between the professionals just as surely as they do between trades and vocations.

At least the quaffing seems to have promoted the area and benefited the local economy than the usual uptown watering holes.

Brockley Nick said...

" I am sure journalists also have some choice things to say about PR folk." They certainly do. They're forever writing lists of moans, like this one:
I particularly like how affronted this guy is by the idea that PR people might see journalists as peers. The nerve of these people!

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