Brockley Cross: Time to say goodnight

Via Cllr Darren Johnson comes this letter from the Council officer responsible for the Brockley Cross nightworks currently taking place. Lewisham's answer to Andrea Bocelli says the worst is over for sleep deprived residents:

Resurfacing of the Brockley Cross junction and the subsequent lining works will enable us to open up the new zebra crossing and at long last complete the scheme.

I am very sorry to hear of the disturbance that these works have caused you over the last couple of nights.  Night time working is, unfortunately, unavoidable in many cases where busy, suburban roads and junctions require resurfacing.  The reason for this is that the alternative option of carrying out the work during the day would result in far-reaching traffic delays and disruption to local services, including bus routes.

The arrangement that we have agreed with our contractor F.M. Conway Ltd is that the noisiest tasks (breaking out and clearing off the existing materials) must be completed before 11pm.  After that, the less noisy material laying/rolling can continue until 5am.  In practice, the night time operations are usually completed by 3am.

The noisiest operations of breaking out and removing the existing materials were completed on Sunday and Monday nights.  The rest of the work (laying the wearing course) should be completely finished over the next 2 nights (Tues and Wed).

I apologise for the nuisance and disturbance that you have had to endure over the last couple of nights and trust that the noise levels will not be as high tonight or tomorrow night.

Yours sincerely,
John Bishop
Senior Engineer, Lewisham Engineering team

So now won't you give him a hug?