Defacing the Yankee dollar

Graffiti artists have painted this outside the new housing development on Jerningham Road, Telegraph Hill.

The area has a fine tradition of political graffiti, but this is just a dick move.

The excellent quality of brushwork is no compensation for the fact that this has nothing to say, except to point at some 'rich people', daub a scarlet letter on them and tell them we don't like their sort around here. Which is ironic in Telegraph Hill.

There is an argument to be had about the impact that gated communities have on an area. If they'd painted a rope ladder over the top of the wall or a tunnel to the other side, through which woodland creatures were scampering - well, they would still have vandalised a wall, but at least they'd have had a point. Although then it would be necessary to point out that the wall is not the work of rich newbies, but there on the insistence of  rich incumbents, who wanted the old wall restored.

Who is the real sick man in this so-called society? Is it the business man, in his suit and tie, who builds a wall around his home, or the man who paints others in to a corner?