Site update: Comments

Our comments system, Disqus, has decided to upgrade itself. There are three primary changes.

The first is that below the comments, it suggests other relevant BC articles you might like to read and shows the most-liked comment in response.

The second is that there is now a 'community' tab which allows you to find the most-talked about articles on Brockley Central. It also shows a list of the most prolific (registered) commenters on BC, which is grimly fascinating.

Thirdly, there are a few new ways to keep track of the conversation. You can follow your favourite commenters or read what they've said in the past and you can click on the 'reactions' button to see who has been tweeting about an article. Finally, you can now vote down comments you dislike, as well as vote up the ones you like.

We now have nearly 200 registered commenters, who don't have to mess around with typing in a name and email address every time they post. Please join us.