Another brick in the wall

... or out of the wall, more accurately.

After weeks of silence, BC has another update on the Wickham Rd/Cranfield Rd fallen-down wall saga.

A couple of weeks ago we contacted the council to find out what progress had been made on getting it fixed. For those of you who came in late, the wall has been in this state (see pic) since May this year. The problem seems to be that the wall is covered by a PFI contract. The council believe it is the responsibility of the PFI contractor to fix it. Brockley's citizens have been waiting for this glorious (and really quite simple) event to occur for some six months now.

Will it be fixed by the end of the year? Who can say. But we seem to be one step closer. Apparently the housing commissioning manager is going to meet with both the contractor and the planning department. There are concerns that the pricing quoted by the contractor is high.

Once contract negotiations have completed, the works will start. BC waits in hope ...