Nurseries in Brockley

This is a subject we've previously steered away from, partly through lack of direct experience and partly because we know how emotive a subject child care can be. However, the topic's been raised elsewhere on the site, so we thought it would be useful to create a thread for it.

Our own experience as a parent is limited to Hilly Fields Day Nursery on Harcourt Road. We have nothing to benchmark it against and our parental standards are perhaps laxer than some (we're the sort of parent who, if our child drops a lolly on the floor, will pick off the fluff and give it back to them). However, on the occasions we used the nursery, we found the carers to be friendly and attentive to the children.

The nursery itself is bigger than the outside would lead you to believe with a communal indoor/outdoor play area and separate floors for younger and older children. Our child consistently came back happy and played-out, which suggests a caring and stimulating environment.

Please use this thread to share your advice on the best nurseries in Brockley.