New Speedicars signage on its way

As regular readers will know, a few weeks months ago local cabbies Speedicars were forced by the Council to take down their original sign, which didn't meet council signage guidelines or conservation area regulations. Now, one of our regular contributors, Brockley Sarah, reports that a new hand-painted sign is being produced as we write this, and will soon take pride of place over their office in Coulgate Street.

The topic has been a huge source of debate on this blog, and has certainly split the congregation in two. Some called us moaning cardigan-wearers (nothing wrong with a cardi, we say) and others have bravely campaigned in their own way for more enforcement of the regulations.

Well, it appears that Speedicars have listened (or been told), and the people of Brockley will have one less garish shop-front. Photos will follow!