New blogs

Local favourite Jam Circus has recently a new blog, to let people know what they're up to.

Brockley's new film club at the Brockley Jack is improving its website, now that they are actually showing films.

And Honor Oak has a newish website after our own hearts. "Let's improve Honor Oak Park" is a website dedicated to making little improvements to the area and holds up Brockley as an example of what can be achieved. This is a little surprising, since whenever we go past Honor Oak station, we wonder why Brockley Road can't look as good. But it serves as a useful reminder of how much progress Brockley has made in the last couple of years, even if there is still much to do...

Like us, they think that better street furniture, better waste management, a few more splodges of greenery and even better signs can help to transform an area. We want to be friends with these people.

If you know of a relevant blog we haven't linked to, please let us know.