The United Services Club, 60 Manor Avenue

When we mentioned last month that the United Services Club had closed, it received not a single eulogy.

This background, from sometime contributer JPM, helps to explain why a community asset goes unmourned:

The USC building was donated in the 1920s by a person unknown and has operated as a club ever since. Neighbours in Manor Avenue and in the surrounding roads were actually allowed to become members under the club's charter. The problem is that they never knew that. Those that did attempt to become members were not met with much enthusiasm.

In fact, recently, the club closed its membership to newcomers. The building was offered for sale. Zoom Nurseries Ltd wants to opens a nursery for 80 children with 20 staff, which is rather contentious.

It also presents an interesting question: Given that it was donated to the USC members back in 1929, who really owns it, the community, or the people who have allowed it to deteriorate and closed its membership intake?