Brockley commutes

If you're wondering why it's a bit quiet around here and why we've stooped to cutting and pasting (admittedly relevant) press releases from the Council, it's because we've "gone dark" this week, "living off the grid". Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Meanwhile, Paddyom has been in touch regarding his heartless employers, who are contemplating a move from Piccadilly to Reading, which may as well be off the grid...

"I was wondering whether you could start a conversation on the blog about how far and to where people from SE4 commute each day.

"I am now facing a 3hrs round trip commute each day compared with 1.5hrs door to door currently.

"I would be interested in seeing whether there are people in the area that already endure a similar commute that doesn't end at London Bridge, Cannon Street or Charing Cross and indeed if anyone travels even farther a field than Reading how they cope and how they find it.

"I would be delighted to see the responses."

Our company recently relocated from Piccadilly to Victoria, having come tantalisingly close to choosing an office at London Bridge. At the time, we thought it was a disaster, but while the commute is more expensive, it's little different in terms of time and it's acted as more of an incentive to cycle, which is actually quicker than going to the west end. Reading is a different matter though, and given that the housing market has ground to a halt, it's a pretty unsympathetic employer that forces its staff to commute to a different city, in our opinion. Our suggestion is that he tells his bosses about Brockley's attractions as a business location.