Brockley Central on Facebook

Jen: Roy, do you have any attractive, successful looking friends?
Roy: No.
Jen: What, none at all?
Roy: No.

Brockley Central is now on Facebook.

A few people have suggested it in the past, but we've started the page now in part because the 2010 Zeitgeist results showed that Facebook was referring less traffic to us than the Deptford Dame - or even Yahoo! - and partly because we're obsessed with finding out who reads this thing. Where better to invade the collective privacy of Brockley than on Facebook?

We've also heard that there are 500 million of you already using it and we reckon that we only have to get 10% of Facebook users to start reading BC for it to become commercially viable, which ought to be a realistic target for 2011.

Launched this evening, at the time of writing, the page has 15 followers, which means it's safe to mention it to you. Please come and like us on Facebook or better still, come and join us on Twitter, which we're better at.


Mb said...

I registered on facebook a while ago and have not done anything with it. People keep poking and prodding me... I'm a fb refusenik so far.

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