En Gedi Designs, Ladywell

89 Ladywell Road

SE13 7JA
0208 690 0377

It's time to right a historical wrong. En Gedi Designs is a gift shop and boutique that opened earlier this year, but which has been shamefully (accidentally) omitted by us for the Best Local Newcomer 2010 vote. So even though it's not on the list, it's time to celebrate another of Ladywell's new arrivals.

Run by the lovely Angela and Lola, the shop sells a range of gifts and chocolates hand-made by Lola and clothes, sourced by Angela from France. Angela - who once ran a shop in Lewisham and now lives in Ladywell - explains that the shop will increasingly focus on selling clothes, which are her passion. They specialise in fashions "for mature women" - good quality clothes, made to last.

Having been open since the spring, they say they have enjoyed good support from the local community, with most of their customers living nearby.

Until December 31st, they are offering a free scented candle with every purchase over £30.


M said...

Good to see some publicity for this shop - I've been meaning to pop in since it opened.
Not being a mature woman perhaps the clothes are not for me but I might buy a Mr.Men mug!

On the subject of Ladywell I noticed last night that another of the empty, shuttered shops (called Gallad or something - a phonecard place?) seems to be getting renovated. Piles of rubble were being put into a van. The Nightwatch place seems to be making slow progress too.

Vince Cable is unstable said...

A clothes shop would be good for around here, with exclusive "Brockley" designs or handmade items by Brockley residents, make sell concept. But

Anonymous said...

M - what was Galad Communications (105 Ladywell Rd) is owned by the man who runs the Chinese take away and he has planning permission for a take away there, so I'm guessing that's what the building work is about. Not entirely sure if he is planning to move into 105 or keep his shop where it is though.

En Gedi also do a nice range of greetings cards too.

Nick - have you ever done anything on the wonderful Sunrise Ceramics and gift shop on Algernon Road? Another Ladywell gem I suspect we don't big up enough. Gifts, jewellery, ceramics, pottery classes, home-made chocs, greetings cards etc.

Anonymous said...

What does En Gedi mean?

Babs said...

Engedi is an Oasis by the dead sea Read 1 Samuel 23:29-24. David went to Engedi because it was a major fresh water source and possessed vegetation for food and medicine. It was a refuge, a place of relaxation and rejuvenation.
The owner says that this represents and oasis in her life, if you visit the shop she has soft music playing and some lovley smells going on in there, it is a very clarming place come to think of it.

God said...

And lo, clouds did descend and god spoke to David.
“Your people are sinners and have forgotton to worship me,
You must repent an cease the worship of false idols,
or plague of locusts or those ladybirds you sometimes get will be visited upon you”
“worship me, or failing that can you sort me out with some posh writing paper and them scented candles? Mrs God likes Madagascan Vanilla *hint, hint*”

Anonymous said...

what does 'els itchen' mean?

Ladydweller said...

It means, for the THIRD separate time, one of El's expensive sign letters has fallen off. Apparently she is not to thrilled with the company that put them up, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

did an intern put it up?...

Anonymous said...

What does "toes ask" mean?

And can't El just stick one of the letters back on?

Anonymous said...

els itchen, or Hells Kitchen was an area of New York, home to the Irish gangster fraternity, and so described by Dutch Fred.

RosieH said...

I like En Gedi a lot - friendly place with some interesting stock that's a bit different to other gift items I've seen for sale in the area.

Just before Christmas they were stocking some lovely hand-knitted and crocheted items I was told had been made by local people. I got a beautiful crocheted cape for my mum.

Some items are pitched at older people, but there are gorgeous tops and dresses and fun items too. Definitely worth stopping by to see what they've got.

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