Brockley Social Housing ownership transferred

John Laing Infrastructure Fund, the LSE-listed investment vehicle, has acquired the Brockley Social Housing contract from its parent company, John Laing. They say:

The sale to JLIF is in line with John Laing’s strategy of selling interests in mature infrastructure projects and reinvesting the proceeds into its growing pipeline of new primary development opportunities... John Laing will continue to be responsible for day to day management of the relevant disposed assets.

Brockley Social Housing is a PFI project signed by Lewisham Council in 2007.


max said...

What does this mean?

mintness said...

Your guess is as good as mine, Max, so I put it through the Mutibabel. The upshot:

If the operation and the material still are invested by Juan Laing___s of the lines air lines in the general occasion of the development of the rent of the narrow channel, this one the interests for the increase the interest of the plant of the subsystem of the sales of the volume of JLIF sales, is the new increase… The attribute of every day of the instruction with its possible one continues responsible in Juan Laing making plus the end to consider that it is situanda in the connection.

Hope that helps!

Chapman said...

Is Juan Laing leading the Spanish inquisition of Brockley?

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