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We were contacted by reader Miriam, who is relatively new to the area and keen to hear suggestions for how she can volunteer for local good causes. She's particularly interested in helping the elderly or people with mobility challenges, so if you are involved with a local organisation that's looking for new volunteers, please post the details here.

We're sure Miriam's not alone, so this thread is open to any organisation looking for volunteers - tell us what you do and how readers can help.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Age Concern Lewisham run a befriending scheme for people to support an elderly person after they've been in hospital. DAGE (Deptford Action for the Elderly)and Age Exchange in Blackheath also have lots going on, and there is the Lewisham Elders Resource Centre (Seniors)on Stansted Road. Tamsin could probably add more, as she is active with Lewisham Pensioners' Forum and VAL (Voluntary Action Lewisham) would have lots more info too.

John said...


The above website may be of use to you.

Volunteer said...

Lewisham Councils Website have some you can try.I'm all for volunteering.Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

The Elder People's Support Project at Ackroyd Community Centre (opposite the end of Brockley Rise) are always looking for volunteers.

There's information about the project on the Ackroyd website http://ackroydcentre.co.uk/elder_peoples_support_project.php and also contact details

Tamsin said...

Thanks for pointing to me as a link. The Pensioners Forum is more of a borough-wide campaign group run by the elderly and for the elderly (with just a couple of part-time staff and no youthful volunteers) but I could put you in touch with the various groups and bodies we have links with (Seniors in Stansted Road, Age Exchange and the Elder Persons Support Project at the Ackroyd have already been flagged up but there are more). Might also be worth contacting Kate Hinz who organised the Winter Warmer at the Brockley Social Club - happening this year on 12th February. She also visits at a sheltered scheme and has recently established links with the charity that takes dogs in to such schemes - lovely therapy for the elderly, especially those who used to have pets themselves.

Anonymous said...

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