The Green Man comes to Courthill Road

The campaign for a proper pedestrian crossing at the junction of Courthill Road and Lewisham High Street has won approval, subject to local consultation, from TfL for a 'green man' crossing to improve safety at what is currently a hideous junction:

Max Calo reports the Mayor of London's written answer to a question about the status of the road:

TfL is developing a design proposal for Lewisham High Street at its junction with Courthill Road. Part of this proposal is to introduce a “green man” pedestrian crossing facility on Courthill Road. I went out on site with TfL’s Chief Operating Officer London Streets and Heidi Alexander before she became an MP. The traffic modelling is completed and the preliminary design will undergo a road safety audit which is planned to be completed in January 2011. Consultation on the scheme is planned for early in the New Year.

As the proposals include banning some movements at the Courthill Road junction, with displaced traffic being diverted onto other local roads, feedback from the consultation process will potentially affect not only the final outcome but also the timescales for delivery. If a viable scheme can be developed, TfL has provisionally programmed detailed design to commence in the summer of 2011 with works commencing early 2012.


Anonymous said...

Work to start early 2012,will it take somebody to be killed to get these lights installed.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen soon enough. I was nearly mown down yesterday by a bus going thru a red light.

Anonymous said...

Why does it require any displacement of traffic, and onto which roads?

max said...

Thanks Nick.
Anon 10:57, no need to be run over now, there have been already enough accidents to make it a priority for TfL.
Anon 12:10, good question, nobody knows the anser yet but in a previous answer the Mayor had mentioned that TfL was considering diverting bus routes and that an announcement to detail it would have been done in December.

chrisgee said...

Well done to Max, and previous Lewisham Central Councillors Andrew Milton and Dave Edgerton who campaigned hard for this.

Pedestrian said...

Couldn't they only divert the 181 and 225 that come down Hither Green Lane,cant see them diverting buses that come through Lewisham.
Priority,taking over a year to start the work,how long would it be if not priority then.

max said...

Hi Chris, yes indeed, both Andew Milton and Dave Edgerton put a lot of work into this.

By the way, maybe the traffic restriction at the junction Boris Johnson refers to could be a left turn only for cars coming from Wearside Road.
That would simplify the junction giving only a rather small inconvenient to a small amount of people, and if those drivers coming from Wearside Road need to turn up Courthill or towards Catford then they can turn at the mini-roundabout by the Library.

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