Goldsmiths occupied [UPDATED]

Students from Goldsmiths and Camberwell College of Art have occupied their buildings this evening. The Goldsmiths team are tweeting their adventures in library-sitting here.


Dave Hill's London Blog has a comprehensive round-up of the story, with a video from the protestors, with a very calm sit-in, led by Angelo, from the Anthropology department... the Anthroplogy department... department that... that produced this video... produced this film... this short... this short that tries... tries to set out... set out their arguments... their arguments... in the most long-winded... long-winded way possible. [With added Avatar-soundtrack!]

UPDATE (8/12/10)

The library sit-inners will not rest until they have ushered in a general strike. They have issued a "Revision for the Occupation Statement", which says:

We believe that we are a progressive society. In order to qualify as one, we must admit when we are wrong. In the heat and excitement of our achievement of occupation, the decision to block library staff out was a wrong one.

Eventually, workers should unite with students and have a general strike. Be [sic] we should not be imposing one upon them. Since our alignment is with students and workers, we must revise our statement in the light of the voting from the general meeting last night.

The library will be open to all students and staff, as it is to the members of the public, regardless of their stand to our cause. The management [who are not workers, obv], or its designated inspectors will still be barred from the premises until our demands are met.

So a general strike is the ultimate aim, but not if it means, you know, twisting any arms or inconveniencing anyone. Gently to the barricades! And make sure to let people through if they really need to get somewhere.

Here is the actual list of demands in the original statement.