Badminton returns

St Asaph's badminton is back. Vanessa writes:

We are due to start again on Thursday September 5th!

As before we will play from 8pm to 10pm at the Askes' sports hall on St Asaph Rd.  Bring rackets and shuttlecocks will be provided.  The cost will depend on how many people turn up to play but will be a maximum of £8 per person and could be as low as £5.  We are booked for each Thursday in September and will continue into October and beyond provided there is a demand.


Sarah said...

Sounds good. Do you know if there is parking nearby? Also is it mixed (I am sure I saw a girls only one advertised a while back)?

Brockley Ian said...

There is a car park at the top at St Asaph's road, it's mixed, mixed ability too. The Girls only one is here

Hope you can make it


Raj said...

Very keen to start playing at this! See you then.

Raj said...

Unfortunately couldn't make it, will be there in 2 weeks time though.

Gem said...

My boyfriend and I are new to the area and would love to attend this, is it still going on?

Johayley said...

Can anyone advise if this badminton group still meets? Thanks

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