Persian BBQ Pop-Up

Peckham's Persepolis is staging another Telegraph Hill event. They say:

Well we must have behaved ourselves at last month's pop-up at the Hill Station as they've gone and asked us back. And we couldn't be more chuffed: the place has a lovely vibe  and the denizens of Telegraph Hill are a jolly bunch too.

So on the evening of Friday 30th August we will be offering what is pretty much a Persepolis-Style-Persian-Style barbecue.

We'll be kicking off with a trio of dips: must-o-khiar (yoghurt with cucumber, mint, raisins and walnuts), tashi (tahina paste rich with herbs, lemon and garlic), and mama ghanoush (with courgettes). There will also be salad olivieyeh (posh Persian potato salad) and Shirazi bean salsa.

Next up there will be herbed halloumi and home-made minced lamb sausages (or aubergine for veggies).

Then the action switches to the grills, where we will be serving Moroccan marinated souvlakia (pork), jujeh kebab (Iranian chicken with saffron and lemon), and liver with pomegranate and mint. Vegetarians will be offered ghormeh sabzi  a lush casserole of herbs and kidney beans and dried limes. These dishes will be accompanied by bread, rice, pickles and fresh herbs.

Pudding will be a very decadent pistachio and cardamom cake, served with rose kaymak (creamy stuff).

This feast is a set price of £35.00 per head and there wre will be a range of reasonably priced wines and beers specially selected for the occasion which customers can purchase separately from the licensed bar.

To book tickets, click here.