Patchwork Present opens

Founder Olivia Knight outside PPHQ
Patchwork Present is open. The digital start-up team have been beavering away in their Harefield Road base for months and launched their group-gifting website last week.

The site, which they describe as a hybrid of Pinterest and Kickstarter, allows people to break down big presents into constituent parts, so that rather than simply putting money into a pot, people can choose which element of the present they want to give: For example, want to contribute to your friends' honeymoon? You can choose whether to buy them their first cocktails when they arrive at their hotel, their ride from the airport or the flights themselves.

Founder Olivia Knight says:

As my nan has helpfully pointed out - “It’s not a new idea. It’s a whip-round, love” - and she’s right.

You can read more about it in Design Week.