Scraping up the cow dung, yes life on the farm's so hard

Andy, who may or may not own a rooster, writes:

I have a ton of free compost sitting outside my house on Cliffview Road - the road behind the bowling green on Hilly Fields.

The compost is in a big builders bag and clearly marked - I over ordered! There's no charge, just come and collect. I'd be grateful if it went to good use, it's all for the community!


Nionios said...

Is it packaged or should one bring bags etc?

brockley man said...

Nionios- Those builders bags are normally 1 tonne when full. So yes u need your own bags. Or unless you strong enough pick the bag up and put it on your shoulder!

roysavage said...

Round later woop woop! thanks

Yargle Tragle said...

Unless you are an American then it's called a cockerel, not a rooster. And even if you are an American then this is Britain so speak like the rest of us and call it a cockerel or get out of here.

HOP6 said...

Picked some great compost up on Sunday! Thank you!

Porpoiseful said...

Now some folks like to boast
Of their father's occupation
Dustmen and the likes
And other situations
Not so our old man
His work it is his pride
With his hobnailed boots and gaiters
And his dung fork at his side
Hi ho fiddle diddle oh
Chesterfield to Cheddar
Hi ho the blokes all know
He's a champion dung spreader

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