Campaign to kill speed on Wickham Road

Residents in Wickham Road have launched a petition to reduce speeds along Wickham Road. The group, supported by the Brockley Society and the Green Party, are calling for new measures to calm traffic, after the resurfacing work last year made it easier for cars to travel at speed down the 20 mph road.

The campaign follows a recent crash at the junction of Wickham Road and Geoffrey Road, in which a woman had to be cut from her car. Campaigner Anthony says:

We're not asking for speed humps but for the council to seriously address the dangers & environmental effects of greater traffic with increased speed, especially over the last year - in any way appropriate.

There was a crash involving a police car & a female driver (whose car needed the roof removing to get to her.) The police told me that they both ended up in intensive care. The incident took place at the roundabout at Geoffrey Road & Wickham Road. Drivers have complained about not realising it was a junction.

Where there is a 20 mph restriction, the street layout must by law be able to enforce it. This is not happening & we are recommending the council implement measures, whatever are best, to reduce traffic speed.