Crofton Park air quality controls to be introduced

Following a recent consultation about the issue, Lewisham Council confirms:

On Friday 30 August, Crofton Park and its borders with Forest Hill and Perry Vale will become an Air Quality Management Area.

Following a detailed assessment it was found that air pollution in parts of this area are failing to meet the standards of air quality required by legislation. These are standards that the UK have set as a result of an EU Directive that considered the health impacts of various air pollutants.

The concerns centre mainly on Brockley Rise/Brockley Road (B218) and Honor Oak Park (B238) where the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide do not meet EU objectives. The main source of the pollutant in the area is motor vehicles but use of fuel for heating and cooking also contributes.

After consultation with residents, Lewisham Council has decided to also include the surrounding residential streets within the Air Quality Management Area as a precautionary measure, with 70 per cent of local people in support.

Lewisham Council is now in the process of preparing an action plan to improve these conditions which will be published in the next 12-18 months.