Will Brockley's buses cope with passenger growth?

The London Assembly is asking Brockley Central readers to complete this survey. They explain:

Nearly 6.5 million passengers in London travel by bus each day on 700 different routes. Will London buses be able to cope with the additional demand triggered by the capital’s rapidly rising population? As London grows by the equivalent of two full buses each day, will failure to expand the capital’s bus network mean passengers face overcrowded and unreliable services?

The London Assembly launched an in-depth investigation – reaching out to policy makers, transport experts and millions of London bus passengers – to examine whether the Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) can meet current and future demand for buses without damaging its reputation.

The London Assembly also wants to hear from passengers about how they feel about their local services. They are being are asked to fill in a short survey that will feed into the investigation.

Chair of the Transport Committee, Valerie Shawcross AM, said:

“As half of all bus journeys made in the UK each day are taken in London, it is vital we see our bus network grow from strength to strength rather than suffer damage due to neglecting the changing needs of the capital.  The growth in passengers shown over the last decade shows no signs of diminishing. TfL’s business plan does not provide for expansion of the bus network, and unless plans are secured to deal with extra passengers, London buses run the risk of entering a period of decline.

“We intend to gather the views of passengers across London for our investigation to help Assembly form strong recommendations to avoid a decline in standards across the bus network. Otherwise London’s growing reputation as a model city for buses could be under threat.”