Ashmead leads local primary school improvers

The Department for Education's Key Stage 2 statistics have been updated and most of the area's schools have achieved significant improvements.

Ashmead School pupils achieved a huge leap in the number of pupils attaining Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths - 97% (up from 82% in 2012). Other local improvers include:

- Grinling Gibbons 100% (versus 97% in 2012)
- Ashmead School 97% (versus 82%)
- Gordonbrock 95% (versus 82%)
- St Mary Magdelen's Catholic 89% (versus 80%)
- Beecroft Primary 85% (versus 83%)
- Edmund Waller 79% (versus 75%)
- Lucas Vale 79% (versus 78%)
- Myatt Garden 78% (versus 74%)
- Prendergast Vale 66% (versus 63%)

John Stainer fell from 89% to 83%. The Lewisham average was 83% (up from 81% in 2012), compared to an average in England of 75%.

In related news, congratulations to Beecroft, which has announced that it's been awarded outstanding school status by Ofsted.


Collins said...

What a disaster at Edmund Waller. Shocking really. I hope the new team turn it round

CathyDearson said...

I just wanted to say what an amazing job Glenys Ingham and her team have done at Beecroft Garden. Apparently the Ofsted inspectors said that to move from Special Measures to Outstanding in 3 years is almost unheard of. It's an incredible achievement and the staff and pupils should be immensely proud.

JB said...

@Collins - EW have improved - perhaps their attainment may not be on the same level as other schools, but considering the changes the school has been through, this is an achievement.

Bea said...

You omited St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School in your list. Their results were 89% (vs 80%)

Brockley Nick said...

I knew I'd miss one! Will rectify.

Tinytears said...

Hi Nick, what about Lucas Vale? No one round here seems to pay it much attention. I was leafleted about the school the other day.

PG said...

I can only agree with all of this: a tremendous achievement both in terms of the Ofsted outcome and the KS2 statistics (with pupils from more disadvantaged backgrounds doing as well or better as their peers from less disadvantaged backgrounds). Just hope this outcome attracts a brilliant new head who will take over the reins when Glenys retires in the summer

Slightlyworried said...

Nick, do you think they will ever expand Ashmead? Seems the logical thing to do given its's a one form entry but local demand is so high. Better than bulge classes surely? If anyone has insider knowledge on which other primaries might expand (apart from John Stainer), do share please!

Kenderite said...

What about Kender Primary School? We're closer to Brockley than Grinling Gibbons and improving all the time! Last year we achieved 85% - up from 68%, which is an impressive leap and the same as the outstanding Beecroft Gardens. Come and visit us!

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