Best Newcomer 2013 - The Malaysian Deli

Congratulations to the Malaysian Deli (338 Brockley Road), which has won the 2013 Brockley Central Newcomer of the Year Award for best new high street business, collecting 39% of reader votes.

Brockley is relatively poorly served by Asian food businesses, a problem made all the more acute by the temporary closure of Thai restaurant Smiles. The Malaysian Deli not only serves delicious meals, it's also a source of ingredients that are hard to find locally.

Affordable, friendly and delicious, the Deli has succeeded in uniting foodies of every hue. A rare achievement and an award well-earned - welcome to the BC Hall of Fame:

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runintomyfist said...

Is Bird of Paradise open still? The times I went there it was great but I called to check recently and no one answered - it looks closed too.
A shame

Bradycath said...

Great! Well done !
Had lovely lunch their recently, very sweet people

bradycath said...

Seeing as there's a sprig of a certain veg near me, have to recount being on the Overground the other day and the announcement said...." Next station is Broccoli !!!! "

Tuna Melt said...

Really? They microwave all of their food!

Heston said...

How else do you heat up food quickly enough to serve...?

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